How to Find a Contact Lens in Your Eye

Losing a contact lens in your eye might seem scary, but there is a way to find it. Your eye naturally blocks the lens from sliding behind your eye, so the lens will still be on the front part of your eyeball. If your eye is red, then you may have lost the lens in your eye while you were sleeping. It is most likely that the lens in stuck under your eyelid. It is easy for your contact to move about your eyeball, especially in windy weather or while you are sleeping. Returning your lens to its proper location is easy and quick.

Wash your face and hands with soap and water before touching your eyes. After you wash your hands try not to touch anything other than your eye.

Look all the way down toward your nose. Gently lift your upper lid with your fingers. Lift is as far as you can. Sometimes you can see the contact stuck to the lid. Pull down your lower lid to help with the process. If you cannot find the lens on the first few tries, be sure to take a break or your eye will become irritated.

Drop saline solution into your eye and move your eyeball around to push the contact out of your lid and back onto your eyeball.

Check with your doctor if you still cannot remove the contact from your eye.