How to Elf Yourself

The term "Elf Yourself" rose from a viral campaign developed by OfficeMax. With just a few clicks, a person can put new faces on dancing elves to put on customized ecards. In its first year, the elf campaign drew 193 million visits. On the down side, if you check the elf yourself site in July, you'll find it's not active. Elf Yourself is only available during the holiday season.

Call up during the holiday season.

Click start. Upload the image or images you want attached to an elf. You can create up to five elves at a time.

Use the tools provided in the site to adjust the scale and dimensions of your elf face. Click done when you are satisfied with your adjustments.

Click "select a dance" for each elf. The options as of 2010 were disco, country, the Charleston or "Classic."

Select download or email/embed. A custom elf cost $4.99 to download and keep. The email/embed version was free. The link closes when the site shuts down for the season.