How to Drink Alcohol

Illustration: Ashley Riot/Demand Media

So, you decided to ignore all advice about never drinking and experience what it is like. It is irresponsible to encourage you to drink, but more irresponsible to keep you in the dark. This article will give you tips on how to drink safe so that you do not become a fatality.

Illustration: Ashley Riot/Demand Media

Plan your way home:

Alcohol impairs your ability to think rationally, so think before you drink. Plan your safe trip home. Leave your car keys home and plan to take a taxi cab, get a ride with a designated driver, arrange to call someone to pick you up. Never catch a ride with someone that has been drinking no matter how much the person says he/she can handle it. Never drive if you have been drinking in any amount.

Illustration: Ashley Riot/Demand Media

Drink Slowly:

New drinkers are targeted to drink too much too fast. People may try to get you to over drink. Remember, that your friends will not like you more if you drink more and they will not like you less if you drink less, so drink at your own pace. You might be teased about being a lightweight, just laugh with them, they don't really care how much you drink anyway.

Illustration: Ashley Riot/Demand Media

Drink the same type:

Different alcoholic drinks will affect you differently. It is best to pick a drink and stay with it for the drinking session so you know exactly how it affects you. Mixing drinks can also making you sicker than drinking only one type.

Illustration: Ashley Riot/Demand Media

Find your gauge:

The first time you drink you may feel that if you drink more, then you will feeling better and better, this is not true. There comes a point when drinking more will make you feel worse. Knowing exactly how much to drink before you start feeling worse is an art form that you will only learn by drinking slowly.

Illustration: Ashley Riot/Demand Media

Learn your brand:

What you are drinking can make you sicker than the alcohol. A beer can make you sicker than a shot of hard alcohol such as vodka. The reason is that you may be allergic to an ingredient such as barley or hops. If you find a drink that you like and doesn't make you sick the next day, then you have found your brand.

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Drinking games:

Do not play drinking games, they are designed to make a person over drink. If you are the newbie, then you will definitely get more than your fair share of shots. It will be more fun to watch the game than to participate in it.

Illustration: Ashley Riot/Demand Media


If your sick the next day, then you have a hang over. Everyone that drinks gets them from time to time. There are a couple reasons for getting hangover.

  1. You drank too much.
  2. You smoked too much.
  3. You mixed drinks.
  4. You drank the wrong type (not your brand).

Drinking too much is less of a factor in you being sick than drinking the wrong type or smoking too much. Someone with a hangover might say to themselves, "If I live through this, then I'll never drink again." This is not true. A hangover will not deter you from drinking again. So if you decide to drink again, then try a different beverage type.

To relieve the effects of a hangover, some people will drink a beer. This may or may not work for you. One reason you feel sick is that you may lack water, so drinking water might help. Your hangover will mostly likely be gone the same day.