How to Determine the Proper Fit for a Fur Coat

Image provided by bjearwicke.

Fur coats have long been a symbol of luxuriousness and wealth. Wearing a fur coat on a special occasion or an everyday event can showcase style and fashion sense. Picking out a fur coat that is the right size is essential to being able to look your best when wearing one, so take these factors in mind in order to determine the proper fit for a fur coat.

Ensure the lining is stress free. While the lining of your fur coat should actually be attached to the fur itself, making sure that there is some give in the make of the lining is essential to the fit and longevity of your fur coat. The lining should not be tight in places like the shoulder seam, arms or back areas. Since this lining can shrink with time, putting on a fur coat with stressed lining can cause irreparable damage.

Take the measurements of an old coat that still fits. Using a coat you already have can be a good guide to the fitting yourself for a fur coat. While placing the closed (completely buttoned or zipped) coat on a flat surface, measure the different inseams on the outside of the coat. Common inseams include the bust (chest), waist, hips, neck and sleeve of the coat.

Compare these measurements to industry standard sizes. After taking these measurements use this as a guide on currently offered sizes of the coat you are interested in. Some brand sizes will vary even when they are classified as the same size but this will give you a good starting point for comparison. If the fur coat is being tailor made, then give these measurements to a furrier in order to give them an idea of what you will need.

Account and measure for body abnormalities. Measure your own body and be aware of abnormalities such as long arms for your height, or a stout neck. This comes into play often when you are purchasing a coat you are unable to try on first. Ordering a fur coat in a larger size to account for the sleeve length in this example may be pertinent to obtaining a good fit. You will also want to report exact measurements of abnormalities to furriers and tailors when a fur coat is special made for your body.

Try the fur coat on. Trying on a fur coat to determine the fit should be done in every case possible before purchase. Even when you are 100 percent sure of your size in a specific brand, taking the time to try on the fur coat will ensure a sound investment and a fit you are satisfied with. If possible wear any accessories you will be wearing with the coat when you try it on to ensure the coat will not drag on the ground or against your shoes.