How to Design Your Own Confirmation Invitations for Free

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The sacrament of confirmation marks an important transition in a person's religious life. A confirmation candidate reaffirms her commitment to belonging to the Catholic Church, a commitment that originally was made for her at baptism. Designing your own invitations to the event adds a distinctive touch to the celebration. By creating and printing some or all of the invitations on a computer, you can achieve a professional look while paying only for the materials.

Measure the envelopes and subtract a quarter-inch from the height and the width to calculate the size of the invitations. Mark and cut the card stock and a piece of scrap paper to this size.

Create a Microsoft Word document and set the page size in the "Page Setup" dialog box (select "File" > "Page Setup"). Type your invitation text into the document. Format the text so that it is centered on the invitation.

Insert a photo of the confirmation candidate or free Christian clip art, available online, into the document. Rearrange the elements until you are satisfied with the results. Skip this step if you would prefer to decorate each invitation entirely by hand.

Print the invitation on the scrap paper as a test run. Reformat the document and reprint as necessary.

Print the invitation on as many pieces of card stock as you need to send out to your confirmation party invitees.

Embellish the invitations with gel pens and glitter pens, if desired. Draw crosses, the confirmation candidate's name or a border around the edge of the invitation. Let the glitter glue dry completely before putting the invitations in the envelopes.