How to: Curled Bob

David Livingston/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The curled bob is a flirty alternative to the blunt or straight bob. This hairstyle can look glamourous for a night out, or messy and casual for daytime. The key to this hairstyle is cutting your hair into a bob — either a straight one or one with layers. However, layers need to be long enough so that they can be curled. The curled bob can be short, or it can graze your shoulders with a cut known as the long bob or lob.

Wash hair with a volumizing shampoo and blow dry or air dry.

Brush out the hair to remove tangles. Make your part. For the curled bob, a side part works best.

Add a styling product such as mousse or a curl-enhancing cream once hair is dry.

Use a curling iron to curl the entire bob. Choose a curling iron with the desired barrel width, which you can determine based on the look you want to achieve and the thickness of your hair. For small ringlets, you would choose a 1/2-inch barrel iron, for loose curls, a 1-inch iron. The way you will curl, either starting at the roots or at the ends, also helps determine the look you want to achieve.

Choose the style of the curled bob that you want. To curl just the ends, position the curling iron about halfway down the length of your hair. To curl all of your hair, position the iron either at the scalp or at the ends. If curling from the scalp, do not place hair inside the clamp. Instead, wrap each strand around the iron all the way to the ends. Hold the ends in your fingers for a few seconds, then remove the iron from the curl. Secure each curl with a bobby pin until the hair cools down. Then, unwrap. This will give you loose, naturally wavy curls.

If curling from the ends, place the ends inside the clamp of the iron and roll up toward the scalp. Hold for a few seconds, then unroll. Wrap the hot curl around your fingers the same way you wrapped it around the iron, all the way up to your scalp, and secure it with bobby pins for extra curl. This will give you tighter curls all over.

For both styles, make sure to curl the sides of the bob, or the face-framing strands, under.

Spray hair with hairspray all over to set the curls.