How to Create Your Own Athletic Wear

Athletic teams, clubs, or individuals oftentimes design workout gear for their sport with a specific logo, colors, or sayings. This can easily be done online or through a sporting goods store that has apparel made. When designing your own athletic apparel, you should keep in mind what articles of apparel you want, including colors, logos, sayings or names that you would like on it. Athletic apparel, including shirts, singlets, shorts, and bags can all be created uniquely for you or your team.

Sketch out any logo you would like to be on your athletic apparel. Also try to sketch the apparel that you want and placement of any logos, stripes, and text. This will make it easier for when you take it into a store or are designing online.

Choose the articles of apparel that you want to design. In choosing the articles, also decide on the type of fabric you would like to use that will work best for the purpose of the apparel. This is already chosen for you online or given to you in options.

Find a reliable manufacturer, such as or, to design your items or take your sketch to an athletic apparel supplier. If you are designing your apparel online, pick the color and design that you prefer for your gear. You will need to upload any logo that is not available on the site.

Choose the correct sizes and amounts that you will need for the apparel that you are designing. Once you are finished, pay for your items. Normally it takes about a week or more for custom apparel to be made.