How to Create Baby Shower Invitations Online Free

Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

The Internet offers a wide range of options to customize baby shower invitations. However, the site Scrapblog gives you a complete control over the layout and appearance of your invitation, and you can even do it for free. Although the free options on Scrapblog are somewhat limited, it offers more than enough options to make a beautiful and creative baby shower invitation. The only thing you will have to pay for is the paper on which you’ll print the invitation.

Go to and create an account by clicking on “signup” on the homepage. Fill in your information and then click “Create a Scrapblog.”

Click on “Start with a blank page” in the pop-up window. Scrapblog offers many different free options, but some options cost credits. Although you can earn credits for free, you might have to buy them. To keep this invitation free, do not use any Scrapblog options that charge credits.

Design your invitation using the stickers, backgrounds and text boxes. Search “baby” for baby-themed options. You can also search for stickers and backgrounds by searching for specific colors or other themes.

Click on “I’m Finished” once your invitation is complete and then click “Publish and Share Online.” If you have not saved your work, this window will prompt you to name your publication. Name it something like “baby shower invitation.” You then have the option to share your invitation with the world or keep it private. You can choose to keep it private by clicking “Only me and people I invite.” Publishing your invitation saves your invitation, but you can control who sees it by clicking “Only me and people I invite.” You can share your invitation online if you want, or you can click “Link/Embed” and then “Done” if you prefer not to share your invitation online.

Save your invitation to your computer as a JPEG file, which is a picture format file. Go to “File” and scroll down to “Export as JPEG” and click. Click on “Download” under the picture of your invitation. Then save the file to your computer.

Print your invitations yourself at home or take the file to a photo printer to have your photos professionally printed.