How to Create a Free, Printable Birthday Flyer

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Hosting birthday parties at home allows for many different activities and lots of fun, but if your house is off the beaten path, it can be difficult for guests to find you. Use your computer to create a bright colored, personalized flyer to hang on the mailbox or at the end of the driveway to help guests find your party without any trouble. You could also send birthday flyers as invitations rather than spending the extra money on expensive card paper.

Open a new page in the word processing software on your computer. Feel free to change the size of the document to fit your needs.

Type the birthday information for the document. Use the text toolbar to change the font color, size and style to fit the theme of the birthday.

Add a decorative border to the flyer using the outline tools available with your software. Choose borders decorated with balloons, party hats, confetti or cake to add to the birthday theme.

Embellish the flyer with shapes or use the clip art available with your software. You can also upload your own photographs into the flyer document by going to "Insert," then "Picture" and selecting your photo, or clicking "File" and selecting "Import" to insert your photo, depending on the software you are using.

Print the flyer. You can use regular copy paper, card stock, colored paper or heavy-weight paper depending on what you have on hand.