How to Change the Battery for a Casio Databank Watch Images

The casio databank watch is a series of watch designs that spans decades, with a front keyboard and advanced LCD display. Since the mid-1980s, the design has a distinctive "bent" appearance that separates the soft-touch keyboard from the display. The plethora of features in a Databank watch can use a substantial amount of power, draining the battery and requiring replacement often. Access through the rear with delicate tools is needed, and a skilled technician can replace the battery within 30 minutes.

Replacement of Casio Watch Battery

Remove the watch band by pressing the small pins where the case meets the band and gently pulling the band free. A small thumbtack or bent paper clip can be used to push the pins in. The pins could eject suddenly when pulling the band free, as their internal springs release.

Place the pins and watch band aside, preferably on a cloth or textured surface to prevent them from rolling away.

Inspect the four screws that hold the rear cover to the watch casing for dirt and debris. Clean any debris away with a damp cloth, and allow to dry.

Unscrew the four small cover screws by turning them counterclockwise with the small screwdriver. Carefully place them with the pins on the textured surface.

Carefully pop open the cover by prying the clips on the top and bottom of the steel cover with a flat screwdriver. Set the cover aside.

Remove the rubber gasket from around the watch case by hand, and set it aside. It may require gentle cleaning.

Remove the white plastic protective shield from the watch case by turning the watch on its side. The shield should drop out. Set it aside with the other parts.

Release the metal clip holding the battery in place by gently pressing the thumbtack or paper clip into the bottom catch. The catch will release with enough pressure, and the battery will pop free.

Slide the battery out by hand, and replace it with a fresh one. The battery will slide into the watch, underneath the metal clip. Be sure to get the positive side facing up.

Press the metal clip onto the battery until the catch keeps it in place. A soft snap can be heard when it is properly seated.

Replace the white plastic shield by setting it over the battery area.

Replace the gasket around the outside of the case opening. There will be a very small groove where this gasket sits.

Set the metal cover plate to the watch in the correct orientation, and press into place. The top and bottom of the cover will snap slightly around the case plastic.

Secure the four screws by placing them into the open case holes and turning them clockwise until they are tight. The screws are very small, and should not be overtightened, or they may damage the plastic case.

Replace the band by sliding the pin into one end, then using a fingernail to compress the spring enough to seat it into the watch case's band mount holes. The springs will snap into place when they are seated correctly.