How to Replace a Franklin Mint Pocket Watch Battery

Founded in 1964, the Franklin Mint rose to popularity by minting attractive precious metal ingots, commemorative medallions, casino tokens and other vintage collectibles. Eventually, the Franklin Mint expanded its line of products to include collective pocket and wristwatches. When the factory-installed battery in your Franklin Mint pocket watch eventually dies, you can save yourself a lot of time and money by changing the battery at home. Replacing the battery in a Franklin Mint pocket watch is a simple task that takes just minutes to complete.

Select a comfortable room where you can replace the battery in your Franklin Mint pocket watch without disturbances or distractions. Choose a room that offers a clean, flat workspace positioned near a source of natural or artificial light. Pad your workspace with a soft cloth of sheet of craft felt to prevent the finish of your pocket watch from being accidentally scratched or scuffed during the battery replacement process.

Place your Franklin Mint pocket watch face-down on the soft cloth or craft felt padding. Examine the back of the pocket watch to determine if it has a screw-down or snap-on back cover. If it is a screw-down pocket watch, the screws will be clearly visible; if no screws are visible, your pocket watch has a snap-on back cover.

Use an optical-sized Philips screwdriver to remove the screws that hold screw-down pocket watch covers. Insert a watch case opening tool, or the tip of an optical-sized flathead screwdriver, in the seam on the side of your pocket watch. Work the watch case opening tool or flathead screwdriver back and forth until the back cover of the pocket watch comes free.

Use an optical-sized flathead screwdriver to pry the old watch battery out of its battery compartment. Make a note of the type of battery your Franklin Mint pocket watch uses and purchase a replacement battery from your local jewelry or retail store. Discard the old watch battery or recycle it if facilities exist in your area.

Position the replacement watch battery over the battery compartment in your Franklin Mint pocket watch. Apply gentle pressure to the replacement battery with the tip of your finger until you hear the battery snap into place.

Place the back cover over your watch's exposed components. Reinsert the screws and tighten them to replace screw-down watch backs. For snap-on watch backs, pinch the pocket watch and its back cover between your fingers until you hear them snap together.