How to Buy Men's Designer Suits at Thrift Stores

You can buy men's designer suits at thrift stores and save a lot of money rather than purchasing them new. Being able to find quality men's designer suits require at thrift stores simply requires attention to details and patience to locate a bargain.

Decide which brand of designer suits you want to find at the thrift stores. Many types of brands are donated to the thrift stores. Check for the latest fashion styles on the designer suits since styles change frequently.

Determine how much you are willing to pay for the suit if you buy men's designer suits at thrift stores.

Check with the store's manager to find out when their stock day is. These days can be one or multiple, so it's best to prepare your shopping strategy around their stock days.

Go to the thrift stores to shop for your suits on the store's delivery stock day. This is when you're likely to find bargains.

Go through the merchandise carefully at the thrift stores to find a bargain. Handle the suits with care and look through them slowly looking for tears, holes or discolorations. When you buy men's designer suits at thrift stores, expect the suits to possibly not be in the best condition because they are not new and there will be differences, whether obvious or subtle.

Negotiate the cost of the suit with the clerk at the checkout register, if possible. In some cases, the manager of the store will be willing to negotiate the cost of the suit if the argument is plausible. Show him tears or irregularities in the suit. Point out any discolorations or missing buttons. These are things that can possibly be fixed by you, but ask for a discount on your purchase.