How to Build a Wedding Wishing Well

Wedding wishing wells are a traditional part of receptions. Guests write a wish for the new couple on a piece of paper and drop it into the well. Later the couple gets to read all the wonderful wishes people wished for them and their future. These can also be put on cards and even used in presents if you build a large, full-scale-size well. Building a wishing well involves a lot of creativity and some basic supplies.

Decide what size you want the well to be. It can be the size of a small trashcan to a very large laundry basket depending on how many presents you expect or other items that will be put into it.

Create your base, using a basket, trashcan or other container. Cover the outside with papier-mache. Then paint it gray. Use black or white paint to create lines and make it look like a stone wall.

Paint two broomsticks (or piece of a broomstick depending on how small your well is). Stick these on the inside of the well and glue them to opposite sides with hot glue.

Cover the inside of the container with black fabric. Staple or hot glue the fabric to the sides to hold it in place.

Create a top for the well that will sit on the broomsticks. Take a notebook folder and cut two holes the size of the broomstick ends. Poke the broomsticks through the holes--the folder should stick up in a an upside down V-shape so it looks like a roof. Use papier-mache and paint the folder to make it look like the roof of your choosing such as a tile roof.