How to Build a Tuxedo

Going to a black tie event is always exciting. It’s a time for dressing up, looking fabulous and if you’re a guy, rocking that tuxedo. It takes quite a bit of work to piece together a tuxedo. The proper steps will help you select a sophisticated looking tuxedo in no time.

How to Build a Tuxedo

Find the jacket and pants. A coordinating jacket and pants make the tuxedo. You can find pants and a jacket or you can get creative and pair up your own two favorite pieces. The classic tuxedo is black; however, many people like to use other colors such s white or navy blue. In recent years, white has become very popular.

Pick out your bow tie and shirt. A tuxedo needs to have a dress shirt underneath the jacket. The classic color is white; however, you can experiment with other colors such as cream or taupe. Once you’ve picked out your dress shirt, choose a bow tie. A black bow tie is what classically goes with a tuxedo but feel free to be a rule breaker and pick out a different color.

Choose your socks. It’s always important to coordinate your socks with your tuxedo. You don’t want to be that guy sporting the white socks with a black tuxedo. It looks tacky and very unsophisticated. Instead, choose socks that match your pant bottoms. For example, if your suit is black, opt for black socks and if it’s a navy blue tuxedo, go for navy blue socks. However, if you are wearing a white suit the rules are different. Coordinate your sock color with your bow tie color.

Pick out a nice pair of dress shoes. Ordinary shoes won’t be appropriate for a tuxedo. You need to have shiny dress shoes. Most individuals opt for black dress shoes. However, dark brown dress shoes look quite classy also. Whatever you do, just make sure that your shoes are shined and scuff free.

Don’t forget about the other accessories. If you like cufflinks or a cummerbund now is the time to select them. It’s important to select the items for your tuxedo either when you are purchasing it or within the same general time frame. That way, you’re completely prepared. Have fun and enjoy that fabulous ensemble!