How to Attach a Wedding Veil

Every bride expects style and function to meet, without fail, on her wedding day. From the dress to the train to the veil, brides hire teams of professionals (or close friends) to make sure their look comes together in one masterful glow of extravagance. There are several ways to easily attach a wedding veil, while adding a touch of beauty and glamor in the process.

Find the right hair accoutrements. A hair accessory store like Claire's, or big-box retailer like Target, will sell high-quality hairpins accented with a pearl, diamond(s) or white flower at the tip. Browse by color, size and shape.

Check the cut or bend of the pins, making sure that you purchase a set of wavy, "wide" bobby pins. The pins should not be "straight."

Position the veil to your liking and then secure by pushing a pin through the seam on the veil. Ease the pin downward so the pin is pushed away from the veil. This will eliminate slippage and create a studier hold.

Continue all the way around your head, moving from left to right or right to left.

Use the pins sparingly, but add enough to tightly secure the veil. Some veils have comb attachments for easy use. This type is great for an updo and can attached by pushing the two side combs down onto the head and beneath the line of hair.