How to Arrive Fashionably Late

How to Arrive Fashionably Late. Are you one of those people who likes to arrive at a party or other event fashionably late? Whatever the reason (attention getting?), you can be "fashionably" late, that is, successfully late to events. A lot of it has to do with common sense and consideration for others.

Evaluate the event. Do you have any kind of specific role in it? If so, it's not a good one to be late for. Likewise, you don't want to establish a chronic pattern of lateness, which could be very unfashionable. Being fashionably late means being precise about which events you can show up late to without hampering the event in any way.

Choose a reasonable time to arrive. Three hours after everyone else? Not fashionable. A half hour is usually good.

Decide if an event is time-flexible. For example, a surprise birthday party where you were all asked to show up at once--don't be late to that one. On the other hand, a relaxed soirée at a client's house is perfect for a fashionably late entrance. Being on time or early might actually turn into a liability if you end up hanging around the house while guests are arriving. Use good judgment in picking time-flexible events to show up late to.

Arrive in good form. When you finally do show up, all eyes may be on you. For many kinds of social functions, it's best not to arrive empty-handed. Use common sense in who you bring with you, how you are dressed. You're the best judge of these issues, but asking the host/hostess ahead of time doesn't hurt.

Avoid the last-in, first-out approach. It's okay to show up late and still contribute to an event, but a cameo can give the impression that you don't care. If you show up fashionably late, spend a good chunk of time mingling with guests before you decide to leave.