How to Appreciate a Doctor on National Doctor Day Images

National Doctor's Day falls every year on March 30 and is a day set aside for people to tell the doctors in their lives "thank you." Doctors have stressful jobs and lives, so taking a moment to let a doctor know that you appreciate what she has done for you is a good idea.

Write a letter or send a card to your doctor thanking him for whatever he has done for you in the past. Be specific in the letter so that you can help him understand how his actions changed your life for the better. If you want, include a gift card in the note to a local coffee shop or restaurant.

Send a bouquet of flowers to the doctor you would like to thank on National Doctor's Day. Another option is to send a plant that she can place in her office to give it a bit of life.

Give a charitable donation in the doctor's name. Most doctors work in a particular specialty, such as pediatrics or cancer treatment. Give a donation to a group that focuses on helping people who are afflicted by whatever maladies the doctor commonly treats.