How to Apply Individual Eyelashes

VintageRos ~ sxc

The new retro eye make up and full, long lashes are very trendy right now. To get this look, most women will need to apply false eye lashes. Unless you are born with full, thick lashes, the retro eye look depends on dark,dramatic lashes that can be easily bought!False eye lashes are available in a wide variety of lengths, thicknesses and even colors, but for a more natural retro look and a more manageable application, use individual eyelashes to create the drama without the hassle. If you are ready to take the plunge into the world of false lashes, you can make it a more successful experience by following my simple directions. Here is how to apply individual eyelashes.

Make sure your face and eye area is clean and dry. Preparation is key, so be sure you are working with a clean and dry surface. If you are going out and want to do your full make up now, apply a powder and eye liner before applying your lashes. Once the lashes go on, it is a bit more difficult to create the clean, crisp eye line you’ll need for the retro eye look.

Dispense a small drop of glue. Most fake eye lashes come with lash glue, or indicate that you should purchase a matching product to glue on your lashes. NEVER use super glue or any other kind of glue for application. Take a small piece of aluminum foil and dispense a dot of lash glue on it.

Take a tweezers and pick up the individual eye lash to be applied. Eye lashes are usually presented on a tray, so simply select your lash with a tweezers and hold it comfortably in your hand. Make sure the lash is in good condition before applying.

Dip the “knot” or end of lash into the glue and let dry a few seconds. A little goes a long way, so a dot is all you need.

Apply lash to your eye lashes, not to the lid or skin of your eyelid. Close your eye and lower the lash onto your existing eye lashes. Be sure the curl of the lash is going in the right direction. Nudge into place if necessary after application.

Apply the first lash in the middle of your lash line above the iris of your eye. Always start your application in the middle of your eyelid. You don’t need to apply lashes to the inner 1/3 of your lid.

Apply no more than four lash sets or apply individual lashes from the middle of your eye to the end of your lash line. About four clusters is all you need to get a nice retro eye look, so complete both eyes and stand back to see if you like the results.

Let air dry. Complete both eyes and let dry before applying mascara. Wait just a few minutes and you should be fine.