Homemade Valentine Cards for Preschoolers

Kelle Hampton

Valentine's Day cards are a fun opportunity for kids to keep the art of written communication alive. For preschoolers, there are less limitations for using sweet expression since "X's" and "O's" won't send four-year-olds running with their cheeks flushed. These five Valentines are easy to make at home, put a creative spin on "I like you" and provide the perfect way to make any preschooler smile.

Say It with Bubbles!

Kelle Hampton

One box of party favor bubbles (available at party stores and/or Target) has enough bottles to cover a preschool classroom and adds a colorful 3-D pop to this printed message. These can be created with any word processing program, choosing fun colorful fonts and inserting a few circles to create the look of bubbles. Print on cardstock paper and hot glue a bottle of bubbles to secure it.

Puppy Love

Kelle Hampton

Using a simple paw print stamp (available at craft stores), your child will love decorating the outside of this card without any help from mom. Add the simple message inside ("You're absolutely "paws"-itively great!"), handwritten or printed, and secure a sheet of puppy stickers with colorful tape.

Eye-conic Love

Kelle Hampton

Cardstock paper and googly eyes are all you need to create this cute Valentine. Combine a text box with a yellow circle to print these happy friends and glue on some googly to complete the look. Emoticons never looked so cute!

Make Your Valentine Pop

Kelle Hampton

Most craft store party aisles sell these miniature striped popcorn bags. Add a cellophane favor bag filled with cheese popcorn (secured with a twist tie and inserted into popcorn bag upside-down), and a cute printed message to tie it all together.

Cat's Meow Valentine

Kelle Hampton

This Valentine not only offers a feel-good message but a small toy for friends to keep. Handwritten messages on die-cut hearts become "purr-fectly" playful when these adorable cats are added (secured with hot glue). Twelve domestic cats are sold together in the Safari Toob, available at Michael's and Joann's.

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