Homemade Luau Party Decorations

pineapple and coconut image by William Berry from Fotolia.com

Making your own party decorations for a luau is surprisingly easy. While you will probably want to buy a few extra decorations, these simple crafts can set the vibe for the night ahead.

Fruit Cups

pineapple image by citylights from Fotolia.com

Making fruit cups from pineapples and coconuts will bring character to your drinks. For coconut cups, carefully saw off the top inch of the shell and remove the inner fruit with a spoon and knife. Rinse the cup before use.

For pineapples, cut the top inch of shell off and then scoop out the innards, being careful to leave the full shell intact. Do not rinse these before use.

Save the fruit for use as snacks at the party.


pineapple and lei image by William Berry from Fotolia.com

Some of the most standard luau decorations are leis. To make your own, purchase 50 silk or real tropical flower blossoms per person attending. Cut a 30-inch length of fishing line per guest. Tie a bow at one end of the line. Use a sewing needle to thread the line through the middle of the flowers (ensure they all face one way) and then tie the two ends together.

Table Decorations

Use crinkled blue gossamer to simulate water, scatter some shells on the table's surface and then accentuate with a centerpiece. Tropical fruits or flower bouquets look beautiful and are always a good touch.