Homemade Bottle Corker for Wine

wine glass image by shadowvincent from Fotolia.com

Homemade wine bottle corkers can be made to match the personality and style of almost any kitchen. Whether making them for yourself or for others, wine bottle corkers are easy and relatively inexpensive to make. They are a fun and functional addition to any kitchen and make great hostess gifts. Since they can be made in almost any metal or color, you're sure to be able to make one that suits your needs.

Purchase a wine corker base at your local craft shop or online. If you are searching online, you may also want to try searching for the term "bottle stopper." Online outlets such as Amazon carry wine corker bases that can be used to create custom wine bottle corkers. Find one in a style that will match your decorative top.

Create a decorative top for your wine corker. You may wish to use wood, ceramics, stone or glass to make your top. You can also purchase decorative tops at your local craft store or online. When deciding on a top, keep in mind the kitchen for which it is being made and the personality of the person who will receive it. If the kitchen is decorated with fruits, you may choose a topper that is in the shape of an apple.

You can also use the family name or initial in the design for your bottle corker top. Ceramic buttons or stones with letters on them are available in almost any craft store. Using this kind of design is a beautiful way to honor the family name in the kitchen of the home.

Attach the decorative top to your bottle corker base. You will need to use a strong glue product to attach the top. Some corker bases come with screw that you can use to attach the top. If yours does, you will need to choose a top that can easily be fitted to the screw. Glass and ceramic tops will not fit well with a bottle corker that has a screw apparatus.

Allow your wine bottle corker to dry for at least 24 hours. If you are giving the corker as a gift, test it yourself to make sure that the top is properly attached before giving the corker to your friend.