Homemade 90th Birthday Favors & Centerpieces

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Turning 90 is a big ordeal, so it's important to celebrate this occasion. One way to do this is throwing a party with close family and friends, complete with centerpieces and party favors. Use favors and centerpieces that are relevant to the 90-year-old's life and ones that show a celebration of life.

Photo Frame Centerpiece

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Purchase square, clear candle holders, and cut photos of the birthday lady to fit the walls of the candle holder. Face the photos to the outside of the candle holder, like a photo frame. Place colored stones inside the candle holder with fake flowers sticking out of the stones. Use photos from different stages of her life to show how she's grown. Obtain photos from childhood to adulthood, if possible.

Candle Holder Centerpiece

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Purchase clear candle holders from your local craft store. Fill with water, and use food coloring to dye the water. Use a different color for each table. Create floating candles of a "9" and a "0" with metal cookie cutters and candle wax. Line the cookie cutters with cooking spray so the wax doesn't stick, and set them on top of wax paper. Warm the wax to 150 degrees Fahrenheit so you can pour the wax into the cookie cutters. Place the wick in the center of each number, standing upright, and then let the wax dry for two hours. Place floating candles in the colored water, and use vibrant-colored water and candles to represent a colorful, vibrant life.

Picture Collage

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One party favor idea for guests is a photo collage of the birthday boy. Collect photos taken throughout his life, and use a photo program like Photoshop, Paint or Picnik to edit them into a collage. Print it out, and place it in a frame. Decorate with flowers, jewels and other items to give each frame a personal touch. Place each frame in the middle of the table to double as a centerpiece.

Candy Bag

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Personalize candy with the initials of the birthday person or the number "90." Fill clear lacy bags with the sweets, and tie the bags with different-colored ribbons. Use candy that is the 90-year-old's favorite, and place a bag at every seat. These double as party favors and also as table decorations. Scatter colored confetti around the candy, as well.

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