Holiday Photo Ornament Craft Ideas

by Shelley Frost

Holiday photo ornaments create a keepsake for years to come. Make a photo ornament as a personalized gift for grandparents, parents and other family members. Photo ornaments featuring children help capture the child at a specific point in time. The projects are appropriate for kids of all ages making them ideal in the classroom, or as a family project at home.

Glass Balls

Craft stores sell clear glass Christmas ball ornaments ideal for customized crafts projects. The tops pop off of the ornaments allowing you to place items inside. A small photo is one option for filling the ornament. Roll the photo around a thin wooden dowel to slide it into the ball. Unwrap the photo using the dowel to straighten out the photo. Paper shreds or confetti can go inside the ornament with the photo. Decorate the outside of the ornament with stickers, glitter, ribbon and other accents.


Turn the kids into Christmas characters with these ornaments. Cut out the shape of holiday-themed character from poster board or other sturdy paper. For example, you might cut an elf's body and head out of green poster board. Cut the child's face out of a picture and glue it onto the head portion of the elf cut out. Add any other accents to the elf's body such as a hat or glitter. Other characters that work for the holidays include Santa, reindeer, angel or a snowman.

Craft Sticks

Craft sticks are an inexpensive ornament material that can hold a photo. Look for craft sticks at any craft store. They come in two main sizes. You'll find the sticks in plain wood or in various colors. You can paint the plain sticks or use the pre-colored sticks. The kids glue together the craft sticks into a shape such as a star or a Christmas tree. Make sure they leave a hole in the middle for the photo. Let the kids decorate the craft stick frame with glitter, paint, stickers or other materials. Cut the picture to fit the opening in the craft stick frame. Tape or glue the photo onto the back side of the frame so it shows through the opening. Tie a string or ribbon to the top of the shape as the hanger.

Gift Box

Another idea is to craft a dimensional ornament from a jewelry gift box. The box itself serves as a photo frame. You won't need the lid for the box. The child's photo goes inside the box. Cut the photo so it is the same size as the inside bottom of the box. Glue or tape the picture in place. Hot glue a loop of ribbon to the back of the box to make the ornament hanger. Let the kids add other details such as ribbons around the box, stickers or glitter.

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