How to Groom a Circle Beard

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A circle beard, which combines a rounded goatee and mustache, strikes a balance between a mature, masculine look and an air of youthful sophistication. Although neat, even facial hair accomplishes this balance, an unkempt beard or one surrounded by rough stubble has the opposite effect, presenting a slovenly and unrefined image. Trimming and sculpting a circle beard is a relatively easy task that becomes easier still with practice, so take the small amount of effort needed to crown your jaw with striking, handsome facial hair.

Step 1

If you do not already have a beard, grow out your whiskers for several days until you have a stubble beard. Everyone's beard grows at a different rate, so you may need to allow a full week or more before the whiskers are long enough to sculpt.

Step 2

Apply shaving lotion to the whiskers on your cheeks and neck, and shave the stubble in these areas with a hand-held razor, leaving a mustache and a rounded goatee around your mouth and chin. Shave the bottom of your goatee to about 1 inch above your Adam's apple.

Step 3

If the top corners of your mustache are sharp and angular, shape them with a precision trimmer to round the upper edge and create a curve that melds with the goatee below.

Step 4

Trim your beard to its desired length, holding the beard trimmer at a consistent angle to your face and passing it over your entire beard several times to ensure a uniform length.

Step 5

Examine your beard in the mirror. If it is uneven, use the precision trimmer to trim and sculpt the uneven sections. Use grooming scissors to trim the lower edge of your mustache, as well as any errant long whiskers.