Girl Scout Games & Crafts

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The Girl Scouts began in 1912 -- it offers girls ages 5 to 17 a program which focuses on courage, confidence and character, with the goal of making the world a better place. Girls participate in activities and crafts, earning badges along the way as they bridge from Daisy, Brownie, Junior Girl Scout, Cadettes and Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts. The games and crafts Girl Scouts participate in are designed to foster the values and goals of the program.

Daisy Scouts Games and Crafts

Girls in kindergarten and grade one can join a Daisy Girl Scout troop. During troop meetings games are played, activities are planned and crafts made. Simple games that build social skills are entertaining and foster a love of scouting. Duck, Duck Goose and Scouting Bingo are examples. Crafts focused on giving are typical -- such as holiday decorations, May baskets or Easter plants the girls have grown and cared for -- are often given to the elderly or hospitals.

Brownies, Games and Crafts

The Brownies are represented by girls in second and third grade. Building on the Girl Scout values, games involving exploration, friendship, teamwork and leadership are encouraged for this age. Ideas include a nature scavenger hunt, with a prize awarded for the most special find. Brownie-to-Brownie is a traditional Brownie friendship game where girls in the troop are paired. A caller, the troop leader, yells out different body parts such as "elbows-to-elbows," and the paired girls touch elbows together. The caller then says “Brownie-to-Brownie” and girls must quickly find another partner. The caller then yells out another body part, such as "toes-to-toes" or "nose-to-nose." Girls must find a new partner each time until all troop members have been paired with each other.

A Brownie craft idea is to make friendship pins by beading safety pins with colored beads and sharing with each other. Brownie Scrapbooks of their respective Brownie Journey can be crafted and worked on week-to-week.

Junior Girl Scouts Games and Crafts

Junior Girls Scouts are represented by girls in grades four and five. As girls advance through Girl Scouts, they’ve learned a lot about scouting and the ideals scouting represents. A game of knowledge can address the things the girls have learned. Create a Girl Scout trivia game out of Girl Scout history and ideals such as: Who was the founder of the Girl Scouts? How many parts are there to the Girl Scout Promise?

One tradition within Girls Scouts is making SWAPS or “Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere.” These are crafted items exchanged with other girls within the organization. Swaps crafts should be wearable or displayable and represent a girl’s community, council or country depending on who they swap with. Crafted SWAPS can be as simple as pony bead necklaces.

Cadettes, Junior and Senior Scouts Games and Crafts

This older level of scouts -- age 11 to 17 -- focuses on leadership, service and developing career interests and options. Games focus on entertainment combined with skill. Outdoor skill-building contests such as canoe races or practicing emergency skills can be amusing and illuminating. First Aid Frenzy is one such game. Create cards with different medical emergencies such as cuts, sprains, bleeding, fainting and CPR. Divide girls into teams and have them compete to carry out first-aid treatments. Craft ideas include candle-making, pottery, needlepoint or sewing projects.