Gift Ideas for a Theater Major

by Kelsey Casselbury ; Updated September 28, 2017

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When the time comes to offer a gift to a college student majoring in theater, you might struggle with an appropriate choice. Whether it's for graduation, birthday, Christmas or otherwise, you can't go wrong with a present that plays into her love of the theatrical.

Take in a Show

The best way for a theater major to hone his craft is to see the pros. Purchase tickets for a professional theatrical production, whether it's a national tour of a Broadway production, a local professional group or a show on the Great White Way itself. These tickets can be pricey, though, so if your budget doesn't work in that range -- or if the timing isn't the best -- give the student a special signed playbill, theatrical poster or other Broadway memorabilia.

Light Reading

If your gift recipient needs a break from her college textbooks, wrap up copy of your favorite script to share with her. If you don't have a favorite, ask her parents or friends what sort of theater she likes and then purchase a script that she might not have read before. A subscription to a theater-themed magazine, such as "STAGE" magazine, might also be appreciated. Acting coach Denise Simon recommends skipping collections of generic monologues, as they don't serve their purpose well.

For the Stage

If the theater major is often found on stage, find a stylish makeup bag and fill it with some of the essential he'll need for every show. Options include makeup sponges, makeup remover and bobby pins. Round it out with a gift card to a makeup store or website that specializes in stage makeup. Another option is to create an emergency kit, designed to offer solutions when something goes wrong backstage -- as it often does. Important items to include are safety pins, bandages, a needle and thread, stain remover, red lipstick, stockings and a wig cap.

Ready for Your Close-Up

If your favorite theater major plans to truly make a go of it after graduation, she will need professional headshots to hand out at auditions. Schedule a session with a professional photographer that specializes in this type of work. To help out even more with her career, find a local acting coach or casting director who will give the aspiring actor feedback on audition monologues, songs and general strategy.

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