Gift Ideas for a Christian Women's Conference

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Christian fellowship, instruction, spiritual refreshment--these are all worthy goals for your organization's women's conference. But the fruit of your labor can easily dissipate once your attendees head home and get caught up in the routines of life again. Give them gifts that serve as mementos of their special day and as reminders of the insight they received.


Whether your theme is about God's grace, building families or serving the Church, there's likely a book that effectively covers the topic. Your guest speaker may be an author as well. If so, order a bulk quantity--one book for each attendee. To make the gifts even more special, either host a book signing or arrange for the speaker/author to sign each of the books beforehand. Other gift book ideas include journals for Bible study, professionally bound copies of the speaker's outlines, or custom-made song books filled with the hymns and choruses sung at the conference. Of course, copyright law should be followed for the latter.

Note-Taking Tools

As attendees check in at the registry table, hand them a clipboard, pen and pack of note-taking paper--all branded with your church or organization's logo, of course. Plastic clipboards are an affordable option, and there’s plenty of room for branding on top of the paper-holding clip. Make the clipboard especially useful by choosing a style that includes ruler markings on its side. Your guests will enjoy having everything they need to take good notes during each session, and a place to jot down their grocery lists on when they get back to their homes.

Christian Jewelry

Women usually love jewelry, and Christian women are generally no exception. Look for necklaces, rings and bracelets with Christian symbols such as the fish, the cross or the dove. If your conference holds a crafting or DIY session, consider purchasing beads and charms in bulk and letting your guests craft their own jewelry.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are an affordable gift that serves a practical purpose for months, perhaps even years, after the conference. Choose more expensive and durable canvas bags as stand-alone gifts, or choose a cheaper organic or PVC bag as a supplemental gift or to hold several smaller gifts like T-shirts, pens, and sticky notes. Be sure to add a logo to your bag. If your organization doesn’t have a logo, determine the conference theme well in advance and print the text on the bags.