Get Punked! DIY Spiked Teardrop Earrings

I love how a pair of statement earrings can instantly pull a basic outfit together. Throw them on with some skinny jeans and a black top and you instantly have a complete look (bonus points for a swipe of red lipstick).

Even better, you can create a pair in no time using beads from your craft box or by reconfiguring broken jewelry. I started with a piece of wire and added a few tubes, spikes and beads to create a couple of danglers. I can’t wait to wear mine to my next night out!

What you need:

-Round, tubular and spike beads
-Earring hooks
-Jewelry pliers

Step 1: Create a teardrop with your wire.

Step 2: Thread your beads onto the wire.

Step 3: Create an order you love!

Step 4: Create a loop on one end with the jewelry pliers.

Step 5: Thread the second end through the first loop, then create a loop with the second end.

Step 6: Attach the earring hook with the pliers. Done!

Photo credits: Jenni Radosevich