Future Daughter in Law Gifts

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Selecting a future daughter-in-law gift can be a difficult task. The gift should convey unconditional love, acceptance and a heartfelt welcome into the family. The gift should be personal and demonstrate a connection between your new daughter-in-law and you. Your special gift can be the start of a bond between you and your future daughter-in-law.

Relationship Matrix

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A relationship matrix is a unique display of avatar pictures that helps your new daughter-in-law understand the connections and subtle interconnections between the members of your family and other significant people. The matrix contains not only family members, but also individuals who are closely linked and accepted as part of the family. This may take the form of framed wall decor or serve as the background of a decorative cork board.

Family Tree

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A family tree defines familial relationships and is similar to the relationship matrix but includes only family members. A professionally commissioned piece that can be framed may become a treasured heirloom. Include the new daughter-in-law on the family tree and open blocks for your grandchildren (if appropriate). This will serve as proof to her that she is now a part of a family and help her to understand family history.

Address Book

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An address book that has been filled with the names, addresses, telephone numbers, birthdays and other pertinent information of family members and individuals closely linked to the family will keep your future daughter-in-law in the loop. More than likely, this little address book will be of great assistance when the new bride is sending out thank you notes for bridal gifts.

Picture of the Family

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At some point along the engagement pathway, surely a photo, candid or posed, was made of your future daughter-in-law and your family. Have this picture enlarged, matted and framed suitably so that she will actually see herself as part of the family. Choose matting and a frame that will blend with the decor of her new home or keep it neutral. A picture can be thought of as a tangible memory.