Funny Ideas for Speeches

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Giving a speech for a class, civic club or as a toast at a family event can be nerve wracking. Take the pressure off yourself and those in the audience by choosing to offer a speech about a funny moment from your life, a kooky way to get something done or by taking a ridiculous stand for or against something. Kids can also create funny speeches from their everyday life experiences.

Persuasive Speeches

You can entertain your audience with a persuasive speech, if your topic is a bit out of the box, a bit wacky. To ensure that your persuasive speech is received as funny by your audience, take a position that is somewhat ridiculous. Try convincing the crowd that cooking a frozen dinner is as tough as (if not tougher than) brain surgery. Or take the position that a ditsy celebrity or TV show character ( think Lindsay Lohan or Homer Simpson) would make a great President of the United States. Or, convince your audience that Barbie is the best role model for little girls ever. Satire can be a hit with intelligent audiences.

How-To Speeches

How-to speeches can be funny when the situation and steps being described are seen through a life-and-death lens. For example, describe how to get off the phone with a telemarketer as if accomplishing this were the most important thing you could do. Adding an element of desperation or absolute necessity to the situation adds to the comedy. Other how-to topics might include “How to Flunk out of College,” “How to Give Medicine to your Dog” or “How to Live on the Cheap.”

Narrative Speeches

Telling personal stories might be the simplest way to give a funny speech, since you can select an event from your past that was genuinely funny or absurd when it was happening. In this case, you only need recount the events as they happened for a humorous effect. Try telling about a time you were really embarrassed by something you said or did. Or share a wacky belief you had when you were a kid. Or, you could create an imaginary personal narrative by talking about what would happen if you auditioned for “American Idol” or became a contestant on “Survivor.”

Speeches for Kids

Kids can offer a humorous speech based upon their own real-life experiences. Help your child create a speech about cleaning his room in five minutes flat. This works especially well if your child hates to clean his room. Have him share what he believes is the purpose of having little brothers and sisters. Kids can also give speeches about events that have happened to them with topics such as “Once when I was REALLY little I…” or “The day I got a laugh from everyone in my class at school.”