Funny Baby Shower Games

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Your baby shower can be a vibrant celebration of new life, family and friends---or it can be a real snooze with guests watching the clock immersed in bad coffee and awkward conversation. The choice is yours. Games are great way to engage all of your guests and bring the fun factor.

Famous Mother

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Print out a photo of an iconic mother. As the guests arrive attach one to the back of each guest. These can be a mixture of celebrity, cartoon and influential mothers and should be recognizable to everybody. As the guests mingle they will ask each other questions to figure out what famous mother they are. As each woman correctly guesses her picture she will be awarded a prize.

Don't Say "Baby"

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Provide each guest with a large-sized safety pin, decorated with a baby bow. Make an announcement that each guest is to wear the pin on her shirt and that the word “baby” is off limits. If another guest hears someone say “baby,” she gets ownership of that person's pin. The object of the game is to collect as many pins as you can, and the woman with the most pins wins a prize.

Baby's Time Capsule

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In the baby shower invitation, ask each guest to bring something to represent the current time and trends. The host of the party will go around to each table and ask the guest to show and tell what she brought, and ask why she chose the item. The items will range from sentimental to hilarious, and are sure to bring a fun and lively energy to the shower. The host will gather all of the items and place them in a storage container, seal it, and give it to the mom-to-be.

Name That Baby Food

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Remove the labels from baby food jars and number the lids in black marker 1 through 10. Each table will have a set of 10 baby food jars, and the guests are to guess what each jar contains. The guest who guesses the most correct answers wins a prize.

Name That Pregnancy Symptom

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Prior to the shower, the host and the mother-to-be will come up with a list of pregnancy trials and tribulations the mother experienced. At the shower each guest will be given a list of questions to answer such as, “What was mother’s biggest pregnancy craving?” The guest who knows mom's pregnancy experience best wins a prize.