Fun Low-Key Ideas for a Second Wedding

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Second weddings are your time to shine in your own unique manner. Instead of a traditional church ceremony, choose to hold your ceremony wherever it is most fun or meaningful for you and your partner. Second weddings can highlight your interests and lifestyles, and be held in a variety of locations.

Add a Touch of Nature

Plant a new family evergreen tree or perennial garden in your yard when you become engaged. Add flower bushes for children and parents to symbolize growing together as a beautiful family. Consider holding the wedding ceremony in the center of the garden or make this a site for future family discussions and get-togethers.

Include Family Members

Ask children to be part of the ceremony such as giving the bride or groom away. Or, perform a sub-ceremony of the families uniting. Make the wedding a family event if sons or daughters by either partner are involved. You’ll want to symbolize the uniting of not only two people, but two families.

Wedding Vows

Write your own wedding vows. They can be sung, chanted or written on scrolls to later adorn your home. However you do it, make them your personal commitment to each other.

Choose a Location

Choose a unique location to hold the ceremony and reception. Some people choose a meaningful restaurant, a beach cottage, a wilderness lodge, a boat ceremony or a vineyard to recite their wedding vows. If you and your mate are intellectually or artistically inclined, consider holding the ceremony in a library or an art museum.

Ceremony and Reception

Decorate your wedding ceremony and reception in your chosen theme. If you both love to ski, make your wedding a winter wonderland of snowflakes and icicles. If you love to bake, make edible centerpieces using your culinary arts. If you are technology aficionados, have big screen videos playing of you and your sweetheart. If the wedding is to be held in the summertime, consider a picnic theme; if autumn, use natural harvest decorations. This is your day. Have fun with it.

Creating a Whole

Sew a family tree quilt, with the addition of the new bride and groom at the top to bring family history to the ceremony. The finished quilt can be proudly displayed at the ceremony.

Special Touches

greet guests with wine before the ceremony. You might want to have them surround you as you say your vows to one another. Ask them to bless your marriage with silent prayers and good wishes.