Fun Kissing Games to Play With Your Husband

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Kissing games can be fun. Who hasn't played spin the bottle or some other similar game at some point in their life? Kissing games can be just as fun with your husband or wife — and they can add playfulness and romance to your marriage ... and make the sex even hotter.

Paper, Rock, Scissors

Remember paper, rock, scissors from childhood? There's a fun twist you can play with your lover. Whoever loses a round must kiss the other. To make it even hotter, have the winner dictate how — or even where!

Get the Gum

Another fun game is get the gum. Choose a flavor of gum both of you like. One of you chews the gum a little, then the other must kiss the chewer and try to "steal" the gum out of the other's mouth. Once your lover has the gum, you must get it back.

Count Your Kisses

You can count your kisses with a bowl or bag of Hershey's kisses, and another bowl with folded slips of paper detailing how or where to kiss the other person. Player one begins by taking a chocolate kiss and then a slip of paper that tells the person where to place their luscious kiss, or other instructions. For instance, one slip might say to eat your kiss as you kiss your lover. Another might demand you give up your chocolate kiss and kiss them on the cheek as they eat it. In the end, whoever has the most chocolate kisses wins ... then again, both of you do!

Red Light, Green Light, Kiss

A fun kissing game while in the car with your honey is red light, green light, kiss. When you come to a red light, while the car stops, your lips go. Kiss until the light changes. Whoever notices the green light first has to call green light. While again, no one really loses, it's bound to rev up the excitement in your marriage.

Word Twister

With word twister, one of you sits behind the other as closely as possible. While in this position, whisper to the other where you want to be kissed. If the other can do it, they get a point; if not, the whisperer gets the point. Of course, you want to make it as difficult as possible and see just who wins.

The Lick

For a more sensual and erotic game, challenge each other to a test. One must lick the other from forehead to toes without lifting the tongue from the other's body. If the licker fails, then the "punishment" can be anything the recipient chooses.

Secret Word

At the beginning of the day, you and your husband choose a secret word. Make it something you commonly say. Then, throughout the day, when one of you says the secret word, the other, if they catch it, call secret word. The penalty is that the one saying the secret word has to kiss the other.

Eyes Wide Open

In eyes wide open, you kiss your partner with both of you keeping your eyes open as long as possible. The first one to blink, lose eye contact, or stop the kiss loses. For even more fun, you can decide a "punishment."