How to Make a Frankenstein From a Milk Jug for Halloween

Ben Smith

Halloween is the best season for making crafts. Sometimes you can find a really good one that gets kids excited about celebrating the holiday. A monster milk jug is just that kind of craft. One of the most famous monsters of all is Frankenstein. If you children don't know who Frankenstein is, have them watch the movie one night with a bowl of popcorn. They will appreciate the craft much more if they know who Frankenstein is first.

Wash out a milk jug and wait for it to air-dry.

Paint your entire milk jug green. You may need to give your milk jug two coats depending on how thick the green paint is. Wait for the paint to dry before continuing.

Turn the milk jug upside down and with the handle facing you. The handle is the nose of the Frankenstein, so use that to guide where you place his other features.

Drape a piece of black felt over top of the milk jug. Cut it so that the ends look like small triangles, and have them hang over the edge about 1 inch all the way around. This is your Frankenstein's hair. Glue it in place.

Paint white ovals on either side of the milk jug handle (the nose). These are the eyes. Add some black pupils with paint to the white ovals.

Use some red paint to add a scar to the left cheek of the Frankenstein. Do this by painting a diagonal straight red line. Then add some small lines across it like a football.

Paint a straight black line across the bottom of the milk jug under the handle to become the mouth. Don't give it any emotion by curving the line. Keep it straight.

Add some screws coming out of Frankenstein's head by painting two water bottle caps black. Glue one to each side of Frankenstein's head.

Wait for all the paint and glue to dry before displaying.