Free Games to Print for Showers

Barry Austin/Photodisc/Getty Images

Decorations, invitations and food for a baby shower can be expensive. When you add the cost of planning shower games, the budget may get out of control. Online shower planning sites, such as Baby Shower 101, offer free shower games with printable game sheets. Reviewing a few free shower games will help you decide on the best game for your shower.


Baby bingo, a baby-theme version of bingo, is a common shower game. Create bingo sheets by making five-by-five-square grids. Print enough grids to have one for each guest. Have the guests write in the squares the names of baby-related gifts the mother might receive. During gift opening, the guests mark off the words on the grid as the mother opens that gift. When a guest gets five in a row, up and down, left and right or diagonally, she wins by calling “bingo.”

Baby Animal Game

Everyone knows a baby dog is a puppy. However, not everyone knows a baby turkey is a poult. Test the guests’ knowledge of baby animal names by giving them a list of the parent animal and asking them to give you the name of the baby. To make the game a little easier, give them a scrambled list of the baby animals as well. The guest who gets the most right in three minutes wins.

Candy Bar Name Game

The Candy Bar Name Game uses names of common types of candy to refer to baby-related terms. Give the guests clues to the candy’s name and ask them to name as many as they can in five minutes. The player with the most right wins. For example, if the clue is "a girl’s name," the candy is Baby Ruth; if the clue is "the hospital bill," the candy is 100 Grand.

Nursery Rhyme Trivia

This game tests the players’ knowledge of classic nursery rhymes. It comes in two versions. The first takes lines from the nursery rhyme and leaves a key word or two out. The guests fill in the missing words. The second version gives some question to identify the nursery rhyme and the player determines to which rhyme the information is referring by answering the question and listing the nursery rhyme's name. For example, if the clue is "How old was the porridge in the pot?" the answer would be "nine days old" and the rhyme is "Pease Porridge Hot." In either version, the guest with the most correct answers wins. Print off the clues for the guests and give them five minutes to answer as many as they can.