Floral Touches That'll Make a Rehearsal Dinner Blossom


Wedding season has arrived, and nothing sets the scene for romance quite like fresh flowers. While the nuptials can be nerve-wracking for the couple of the moment, the rehearsal dinner can calm those pre-ceremony jitters with a beautiful venue, delectable food and a guest list of loved ones. Now is the time to take in all the joy that comes with your big day! Make sure your party goes off with a bloom by using these floral DIYs throughout the event. The fresh accessories are sure to bring the rest of the night to life.

Welcome Guests with Love

When it comes to the rehearsal dinner, love is all you need (well, that and food). This charming tin pail flower arrangement would be a perfect centerpiece on a long buffet table. Go with simple white flowers, or mix it up with your wedding colors. Either way, this will set the mood for some L-O-V-E.

Lucy Atkins

Liven Things Up with Limes

Every dinner table will need some flare, and you can combine citrus fruit and flowers to make a fresh and funky table arrangement. And more than just looking pretty, the tangy limes and fragrant flowers can also stand as a metaphor: marriage can be tart and it can be sweet, but it should always be fun!

Carrie Waller

Define the Space with Paper Garlands

Transform the event space into a flower-covered garden when you drape these whimsical paper garlands over doorways and along walls. If you are looking for a project to do with your bridal party, making these festive strands would be a great way to bond before the big day.

Lucy Atkins

A Fresh Detail for the Bar

As guests enter the room and head for the bar, this spring floral arrangement can be an eye-catching addition in front of your collection of shimmering bottles. Add a few candles for drama, and everyone will notice the bouquet before they order.

Gillian Ellis

Stir Up Some Fun

Dress up your drinks with flower-topped drink stirrers. You can use several different types of flowers, and they can double as a way for guests to keep track of whose drink belongs to whom.

Gillian Ellis

Napkin Rings That Really Wow

Table settings can be like works of art, especially when every napkin is clasped with sprigs of fragrant spring flowers. These napkin rings will make even a simple plate appear effortlessly elegant, and they will also make a fantastic parting gift for friends and family.

Shades of Blue Interiors

Pair Flowers with Cute Photos

Whether or not your rehearsal dinner is indoors or outdoors, this vintage soda crate flower arrangement will look like a blossoming garden next to photos of the happy couple. Use empty bottles as vases for cut flowers, and surround them with seed packets that spell out the names or initials of the bride and groom. The options are endless, and the finished product is rustically beautiful.

Jonathan Fong

Toasts Have Never Been So Cool

Before the requisite toasts take place, freeze gorgeous florals and fruit slices inside an ice sculpture for the bubbly. It will make the champagne look extra festive before the speeches get underway.

Jonathan Fong

Edible Flowers Everyone Will Want to Eat

We've all heard of edible flowers, but these candied roses are completely unconventional. Playful and sweet, jewel-like Jolly Rancher roses look like spun glass but can double as a treat. Decorate a dessert table with a bouquet!

Debbie Williams

Planting Seeds of Romance with Party Favors

When your rehearsal dinner comes to a close, send everyone home with a gift that keeps on giving. Mini-planter party favors are a clever way for guests to remember how much fun they had at your pre-wedding shindig long after you said your vows.

Gillian Ellis