How to Be Flirty With Your Husband

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Just because you've been married for years doesn't mean that you have to stop flirting with your husband. Being flirty as a married couple can reignite that spark from your courtship days and keep the passion fresh and exciting well into your golden years. However, many people don't know where to start when it comes to flirting with anyone, let alone someone they've been living with who has become as comfortable as that well-worn hoodie from your college lacrosse team. While flirting has to be a two-way street, you can do your part by adding some attention, affection and surprise.

Step 1

Let him know he's on your mind. Send cute and flirty texts when you're both at work. Slip little notes in his lunchbox "just to say I love you." It may sound juvenile, but this could spice up your marriage considerably. Frequent reminders that you are thinking of him throughout the day will make him look forward to seeing you when he gets home.

Step 2

Compliment him. When you were dating, you complimented each other all the time. You were intoxicated by the newness of every glance, every sexy outfit, every lock of hair on your partner's head. While the high may have worn off, show your husband that you still find him as handsome, sexy, kind and talented as those earlier days. And because he is all those things, you can be sure that other people are noticing and complimenting him as well. Don't miss out on the chance to be his No. 1 fan.

Step 3

Use nonsexual touch. If the only time you have physical contact is when you "decide" to have sex, you are missing out on the rewards of regular physical contact. Snuggling, cuddling, holding hands and making out are ways to establish a stronger bond between the two of you, regardless of whether it leads to intercourse. Even a simple, slow neck massage while he's eating breakfast or a bear hug while he's doing the dishes can send the message that you appreciate being bonded with him.

Step 4

Surprise him. Resurrect the fun, spontaneity and excitement of your dating years by planning a special surprise for him. Maybe it's tickets to his favorite concert, a romantic home-cooked dinner for the two of you or a weekend getaway to an exotic locale. You can blindfold him and drive him to a wooded area where you've already assembled a picnic brunch. Surprise helps to shake up stagnation and predictability in a relationship, which can lead to boredom. If you let your imagination lead you, the opportunities are endless.