Fish Net Used for Decoration

coloured fishing nets image by Joe Houghton from

Fish nets are typically used to catch fish, but they can also be used to decorate a home. Fish nets are available in varying thickness and colors and so can complement almost any nautical design theme. Nets are hanged on walls or used as table cloths in everyday decor or for special occasions, like parties.

Wall Accents

Fish nets can be used alone on a wall or as a backdrop for other wall accents such as mirrors, pictures and photos, or items reminiscent of the ocean. The corners of the nets are often draped so the picture or other piece of decor appears to be "caught" in the net.


Fish nets are an obvious choice for decorating a beach-, tropical,- or nautical-themed party. Decorative faux fish nets are available at many party-supply stores. The lightweight decorative nets can be placed across a table in place of, or in addition to, a table cloth. They can also be strung between two trees and used to hold presents.

Authentic vs. Faux

Actual nets used for fishing are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses at fishing-supply stores. Authentic fishing nets are typically more expensive than faux nets from a party-supply store. Also, authentic fishing nets are larger than decorative nets, but can be cut to fit the space.

Net Decor

Wall-mounted nets can go from muted accent to art piece when used as background for other decorative items. Ocean-themed pieces like shells, starfish and puffer fish can be "caught" in the net; pictures or photos of beaches, ships, lighthouses or other features of the seaside are another popular choice for pairing with a fish net.


A fish nets used as wall accent isn't usually suspended by its corners. The net is typically "draped" along the wall and over itself to look more like an authentic fish net tossed out over water.