Field Trip Ideas for Elderly Citizens

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If you are in charge of recreational activities for a retirement home or nursing home, in addition to attempting to make sure that the elderly residents have activities in the home, you will want to schedule the occasional field trip. Getting out a bit helps the metal and emotional health of your residents.

Mall Trip

Few things give the elderly a greater sense of freedom and independence than the ability to go do some shopping. For this reason, you might want to post a bulletin board offer in the home announcing a trip to the local mall on a certain date. These who want to go can notify you so you will know how many vans or other modes of transportation and personnel you will need.


For those who like the outdoors, a picnic can be an excellent idea for a senior field trip. This one will require a great deal of planning and preparation. If your local park has covered picnic areas, reserve one for the day you want. While you can still have part of the picnic in the open, having this shelter serves to protect the residents from rain or too much sun. While you will want to have foods fit the picnic idea, some of the residents might not be able to eat these. Make sure that in addition to the standard picnic fare, you have brought foods for those on special diets.

Community Concerts

If your local community has concerts, either indoors or outside, this can be an excellent field trip for your residents. Make sure, however, that you check the concert schedule to make sure that the music being presented is something seniors would actually want to hear. You don't want to get to the park only to learn that the featured band plays heavy metal music.


Make very sure that the health of the people going is up to the type of trip you will be doing. If some of the residents will need wheelchairs or walkers, remember to bring these. Also check to see that everyone has taken any medications or necessary medical devices, such as blood pressure medication or insulin monitors, with them.