Family Tree Presentation Ideas

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Make Your Family History Shine

Basic printed genograms have their place in tracking family relationships, but sometimes a work of art is more interesting and meaningful. Your artistically displayed family tree can help your house feel like more like a home and teach your children about family history. Think outside the box and create something spectacular to be cherished for years to come.

Paper Ideas

Old fashioned, hand-written family trees are meaningful when they've been drawn in the special and unique handwriting of someone you love. Scan the family tree and print it on acid-free cotton or antiqued paper. While you preserve the original in a safe place, display the copy in a scrapbook, or decoupage it onto a canvas to display on the wall. For something more modern, use a colorful family tree printable instead and mount it on patterned scrapbook paper. Family tree printables are available with everything from planets to flowers shown to represent family members, and many provide a space to attach a photo.

Wall-Art Ideas

Nothing says "Welcome home" like walking into an entryway with a beautiful family tree displayed on the wall, or a living room with a focal piece above the couch. Apply a family tree vinyl decal to the wall and attach framed photos or hand write the names of family members on the tree. Alternatively, trace and paint family members' hand prints onto the tree in their proper places. If you are artistic, consider hand painting a family tree mural with a heart at the center and branches made of favorite quotes or family sayings.

Framed Ideas

Pick a large blank wall in your home to hang framed photos of each family member to create a family tree in photos. Arrange small framed photo magnets on your fridge to do the same. For something a bit more contained, create a framed multimedia collage of family photos or symbols representing each member of the family. Add interest by using items of different textures, patterns and expand beyond paper to fabrics, buttons, charms and pressed flowers.

Jewelry, Pillows and More

Bracelets, necklaces, and collage pendants are beautiful ways to create a family tree that you can take with you wherever you go. Choose charms and symbols to represent each family member and wear your jewelry to make them feel close, even when you are apart. Alternatively, paint or print your family tree onto a pillow, dish towel, plate, coffee mugs or coasters. Or, get creative and sew together fabric photo squares to create a family tree quilt to display or wrap up in on a cold winter's night. Scrabble letters can be used to spell out family members' names and then displayed under a glass-topped coffee table or fastened to a canvas for wall art. Consider using a large branch from outside to hold ornaments with photos of each family member, or create a sculpture out of clay to do the same. Around the holidays or a family reunion, a fancy door wreath can display family tree ornaments that welcome everyone to your home.