Everything You Need on a Bathroom Vanity


One of the most personal rituals everyone has is a morning routine. Some people like to wake up early for a run or to read the morning news, while others need just a few minutes to roll out of bed and grab a bite to eat before getting down to work. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, a dedicated bathroom vanity space is integral to getting your day started — and you can make it yourself with a little time and DIY spirit. From organizing your tabletop to mixing your own beauty products, you can customize your space to fit your own needs and aesthetic. Here are 12 steps to take while building your ultimate bathroom vanity.

Step 1: Get Organized

Here’s some advice that works well with any project you decide to tackle: take stock of what you already have, make a list of the materials you need and craft a general plan toward finishing the project. Rally all of your cosmetics, hair tools and general bathroom items together to figure out what organization system works best for you. If you like to keep everything tucked away, try creating a set of tiny boxes you won’t mind leaving out in the open.

Carrie Waller

Step 2: Display Your Baubles

It’s not fair to keep all of your jewelry shut away in the depths of your dresser. Instead, spend a weekend afternoon putting together a jewelry tree to have at your vanity. Who knows, you might discover an old piece that you want to put back into the wardrobe rotation.

Tim and Mary Vidra

Step 3: Make Some Space

If you have a tiny bathroom, you know that counter space is precious. Go vertical by installing shelves that you can use for towels, a mirror or extra bottles. This faux marble version is way cheaper than what you could find online or in a home goods store, and much more chic.

Shannon Smith

Step 4: Find the Prettiest Knickknacks

Since your vanity is your personal space, you want to make sure it matches your own aesthetic. And if you prefer a look that favors bold details, then make metallic oyster shell dishes for an understated sheen. Group a few together in front of your mirror to hold your daily gems.

Shannon Smith

Step 5: Upgrade Your Soap Situation

Now it’s time to take a look at your soap. If you’re a bar kind of gal, ditch your ugly dish for a two-tone concrete version. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll want to wash your face once you see this modern dish you made yourself. Pro tip: if you have leftover materials, experiment with making one for your kitchen sink, too.

Francesca Stone

Step 6: Set the Lighting Mood

Signature scents aren’t just for your perfume — you can pick one for your bathroom, too. Find your favorite fragrance oils and make your own candles. Don’t worry if you haven’t tried candle-making before, because this how-to has only five steps.

Jessica Begum

Step 7: Try Faux Flowers

Flowers never made any room worse, so it doesn’t hurt to introduce an arrangement to your vanity. This roundup has a few faux options, depending on your space and decor. And since these won't wilt by week's end, you can create a bouquet that really matches your motif.

Summer Hogan

Step 8: Bring in the Plants

For those of us who don’t want flowers but still want a little green to look at, this plexiglass-framed leaf looks straight out of your favorite Pinterest board. The best part about this project is that it’s ultra-low maintenance: you can see the green without having to take care of it.

Francesca Stone

Step 9: Corral Your Beauty Tools

Now that you’ve set up your vanity, it’s time to bring in all of your tools and products. For your makeup brushes, try putting them in crystal glasses or a washed-out candle jar. Check out this guide to find out about the three brushes every woman needs.

Lilly Wallace

Step 10: Be Bath-Ready

Having a bathtub is the ultimate homeowner or apartment-renter score, because that means being able to lounge in bubbles whenever you want. Tired of buying expensive bath bombs? Go the homemade route and customize to your heart’s content.

Jessica Begum

Step 11: Have Makeup Wipes at the Ready

Makeup wipes are one of the best modern inventions (up there with the light bulb and the iPhone), but they can be insanely expensive and sometimes unhealthy. If you’re looking for an easy DIY to wind down with after work, spend a night with this homemade makeup wipe project. When you wake up the next morning, they’ll be on your vanity.

Stephanie Gerber

Step 12: Mix Your Own Balms

Once you get on the DIY beauty product train, you won’t want to get off. Try this cracked heels balm next, and take 15 minutes of your a.m. schedule to sit at your vanity and give yourself a foot massage. Now that you have your products and everything is in its right place, you have the perfect vanity to spend your precious morning — or evening — time. Have a great day, gorgeous.

Stephanie Gerber