How to Help a Husband Through Erectile Disfunction

Figuring out how to help a husband through erectile dysfunction can be a frustrating and challenging endeavor for any wife. Not only does it wreck havoc on the sexual components of a marriage, it can also attack the emotional aspects. Learning how to communicate openly and honestly is the key to many of the obstacles that couples face in a relationship; erectile dysfunction issues are no different in that aspect.

Choose a non-sexual time to bring it up. The worst time you can talk about how a man performs sexually is when you are in bed with him. Bring up the topic in a non-threatening situation, like while relaxing in front of the TV.

Touch him lovingly while talking to him. Intimate, nonsexual gestures will help put him more at ease. Holding his hand or resting your head on his shoulder will give him a sense of closeness, without reminding him directly of what isn't going on in his pants.

Tell him why you want to talk to him about it. Make sure that he knows how attractive you find him and that you want to ensure that the intimacy and passion remain intact. Let him that you do not want dysfunction issues to become a problem that makes him withdraw from you.

Explain your feelings in a way that shows that you still think of him as your loving man. If you do have feelings of inadequacy and unattractiveness, voice them in a way that that does not place blame on him. Knowing that you have insecurities as well may even help him open up to you about his.

Offer to talk to a doctor together about different causes and options. One of the hardest parts in this situation is realizing that there are times you need to give him space. Though he may turn you down, knowing that you are there if he needs you will make it easier for him to seek out answers.

Prepare yourself for the hard realization that you may have to work on some things that could be contributing to his issue. Contrary to popular belief, men and women are not that different from one-another when it comes to emotions and sex being tied together. If he has been feeling like less of a man because of nagging or put-downs, it may be time to watch your reactions to things.

Discuss different options that the two of you have together after he has gotten all of the facts about medications, natural supplements and other alternative therapies. Assure him that you will be by his side no matter what he ultimately chooses; he needs to be comfortable with what goes in his body.

Plan other sexual adventures that do not include penetration, or the use of his penis at all for that matter. For example, sensual massages with edible lotions and creams can make for a fun night of pleasure for the both of you. You can still have a satisfying sex life while figuring out together how to deal with erectile dysfunction. Continue having one even if it turns out that there no cure.