How to Fold a Bathrobe

by Grace Phan ; Updated September 28, 2017

One of the best parts about being a hotel guest is unfolding a freshly laundered bathrobe for a night of relaxation. While you may not have access to room service at home, you can take tips from hotel housekeeping to re-create that spa feeling. Grab your bathrobe off its hook, and fold it neatly to give yourself the five-star experience.

Wash your bathrobe and dry it completely.


  • Place two tennis balls in the dryer with your bathrobe to keep it fluffy and soft.

Remove the belt from the robe. Place the robe on a flat surface such as a bed or table, with the front facing upwards.

Position the two open edges of the robe directly beside each other so that they are touching. If the robe has a hood or collar, fold it straight down over the robe’s neckline.

Pick up the right sleeve and fold it straight across the robe, horizontally. The cuff will sit at the outer edge of the robe.

Pick up the left sleeve and fold it directly across the right sleeve.

Grasp the collar of the robe and tightly roll it towards you until you reach the end and create a cylinder.

Wrap the tie around the robe, and tie it into a bow to secure the robe until the next use.


  • Spritz your robe with your favorite perfume or body mist before storing it. This will give it a fresh scent the next time you use it.

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