Etiquette for the Wording of a Wedding Registry

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Although the ultimate joy in getting married is spending the first day of the rest of your life with your love, it's a nice bonus that a newly wedded couple also often receive gifts. Let your guests know your gift preferences with a wedding registry; however, tread carefully -- the etiquette around the registry is particular. On your wedding website or bridal shower invitation, simply include "the couple is registered at [name of store.]"

On the Wedding Invitation

Don't worry too much about the wording of wedding registry information on your wedding invitation -- if you follow standard etiquette, that information shouldn't appear at all. However, you can include the URL of your wedding website, which can contain a link to your wedding registry.

In Other Locations

It is appropriate, however, to include registry information on your bridal shower invitation -- because the purpose of the event is to "shower" you with gifts -- and on your wedding website. In this case, a simple "The couple is registered at" the store name will suffice.