Etiquette for Shower Hostess Gifts

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When a friend or family member volunteers to throw a shower for you, she is taking on a large responsibility. She will need to invite all of your guests, coordinate the decorations, prepare the food and organize the shower games. It is considered proper for you to show your appreciation for her hard work. Give her a personalized gift to let her know how much her efforts mean to you.

Showing Appreciation

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As guest of honor, you need to show your hostess that you appreciate her efforts. A gift for your hostess will convey your appreciation while showing proper etiquette. You may give her the gift at the shower event, but just make certain that you take her aside so that you can properly express your gratitude in a private moment. If you'd prefer to wait until the guests leave, then you will have intimate time to present your present.

A Note To Say Thanks

In addition to a gift, take the time to write a thank-you note to your hostess. Thank-you notes are traditionally considered to be a sign of good etiquette. After your shower, write a sincere letter to express your appreciation. Include specific elements from the shower such as a mention of the decorations or food that you particularly enjoyed.

What To Give

You do not have to buy an expensive present for your hostess, but you should pick a personalized gift for her. If your hostess has a favorite spa, then buy her a gift certificate for their services. You can also give her a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant. If a good photo was taken of the two of you at the shower, then have it framed and give it to her with a note of appreciation. You can also send flowers to your hostess, either right before or after your shower.

Gifts For Others

If your hostess had assistance in planning your shower, then make sure you take time to show your appreciation to everyone who helped with the event. Send a thank-you card to all of the shower organizers. You can also give small gifts to those who assisted. You can bake a batch of fresh cookies for them or even offer to take everyone out for lunch to show your thankfulness.