Etiquette for a Postponed Wedding

Jeffrey Hamilton/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Occasionally, weddings don't go ahead as planned. Whatever the reason, there are steps the couple need to take if they have to postpone their wedding. Consideration for guests and wedding professionals is a priority and this is reflected in the etiquette.

Don't Waste Time

If you decide to postpone more than two weeks before the wedding date, you should send printed announcements to all your guests. Traditionally, the announcement is made by whoever issued the wedding invitation; this is usually the bride's parents. Ideally, you should arrange a new date before sending the announcement out; guests can then have both pieces of information at the same time. If the postponement is closer to the date, you'll have to phone all the guests. Get family help if you have a big guest list. Don't use email to notify guests unless you can identify the ones you know read their emails regularly. You must also place high priority on informing caterers, the reception venue, florists and any other wedding service providers about your change of plans. Phone and email are the quickest methods for contacting your wedding professionals.