Engagement Party Gift Ideas

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An engagement party is often your first opportunity to formally celebrate a couple's pending nuptials. You're not necessarily expected to show up at the party with a gift, especially if it's an informal gathering. After all, the bridal shower and actual wedding provide plenty of gift-giving opportunities However, you can add to the festivities of an engagement party with a thoughtful gift that's simple, traditional, personalized or one that gives the couple a night off from wedding planning.

Simple Gift Ideas

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Overly expensive gifts don't typically make an appearance at the engagement party, so save your generous spirit to buy something notable off the wedding registry. You can't go wrong with a simple congratulatory gift, such as a bouquet of flowers or a bottle of sparkling wine. Pair the latter gift with two wine glasses and some chocolate-dipped strawberries, and you've got a gift that will stand out. If the couple prefers beer to wine, a sampler pack or craft beers is something they can enjoy together.

"Mr. and Mrs." Ideas

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The engagement party is an ideal opportunity to give personalized "his and hers" gifts to the newly engaged couple. Monogrammed "Mr. and Mrs." bath towels, slippers, coffee mugs or even T-shirts are all gift ideas that the couple will enjoy opening and using. A photo frame engraved with the date of their engagement is a thoughtful gift. Think of a hobby that the couple shares and find something that you can personalize. If they're golfers, personalize balls or tees with their names.

A Night Off

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Planning a wedding can be stressful, but your engagement party gift can give the couple a much-needed day or night off. Buy a gift card to a cafe or restaurant and passes for a movie theater. The couple will appreciate your generosity as they enjoy a date night of dinner and a movie. Concert tickets or passes to a local attraction such as a zoo, art gallery, aquarium or amusement park give the couple a chance to get their minds away from their wedding preparations.

Best Wishes In a Card

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Whether or not you decide to show up at the engagement party with a gift, always take a card to give to the newly engaged couple. Use the card to share an uplifting message like, "I'm thrilled to hear about your engagement and can't wait to share your wedding day with you." You can also offer a thought about the couple, such as, "You're so well-suited for each other and I know you'll find marriage to be a wonderful journey."