How to Eliminate Chapped & Cracked Lips Naturally

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Your lips need plenty of hydration to stay soft and supple. When the air's too dry, lips react by chapping or cracking. This is most common in the winter, but it's not unusual to have chapped lips when the weather turns warm. If you're sick of itchy, painful lips, help them heal with some natural moisturizers. DIY remedies work just as well as store-bought solutions, and because they contain no chemicals, they're less likely to irritate your sensitive skin.

Step 1

Stop licking your lips. You may do this out of habit to hydrate your dry lips, but it actually causes irritation and makes chapped lips worse.

Step 2

Drink eight glasses of water or more per day to keep your whole body hydrated.

Step 3

Apply an all-natural lip balm to instantly soothe chapped lips. Look for a balm that contains lanolin or petroleum jelly. Beeswax works too, but it's not as moisturizing. It's better used as a preventative measure to avoid getting chapped lips. Avoid balms that contain artificial fragrances or flavorings. Some natural ingredients are irritating, too -- these include peppermint, cinnamon, eucalyptus and camphor.

Step 4

Avoid snacking on acidic fruits, especially lemon, lime, grapefruit and orange. The juice from acidic fruits stings cracked lips and makes them feel worse.

Step 5

Hold a slice of cool cucumber against your lips for a few minutes to hydrate and soothe lips.

Step 6

Apply coconut, olive, castor or flax seed oil to chapped lips twice per day. The fatty acids moisturize and protect chapped lips.

Step 7

Dab aloe gel on your lips before you go to bed. The aloe will soak into your lips overnight for a soothing, healing effect.

Step 8

Break open a vitamin E capsule, then rub the oil over your lips.

Step 9

Run a humidifier in your home, especially when you're sleeping at night. Put the humidifier in your bedroom for best results.