Easy Instructions for Tying a Bow Tie

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The most difficult part of getting dressed in a tuxedo is hand-tying the bow tie. Wearing bow ties is usually reserved for a select few “black tie” occasions, most often in a wedding by the wedding party. The bow tie is the correct size when it does not extend past the tips of the collar and is shorter in length than the thickest part of the neck. Bow ties are easier to tie when standing in front of a mirror.


Fold the shirt collar up and place the bow tie over the shoulders. Situate the tie so the left end is 2 inches lower than the right end. Flip the collar back down. The end on the left will be known as “left end” and the end on the right will be known as the “right end.”


From both ends hanging straight down, cross the left end over the top of the right end a few inches below the neck, pulling the right end over towards the left. Hold the place they cross with your thumb and index finger of the left hand and hold the left end with your right hand.


Hold the place the two ends crossed with your thumb and index finger on your left hand. Then, bring the left end around behind the right end up towards the chin, looping around the back of the right end. Keep the thumb of the left hand in place and loop the left end around the thumb and through the center.


Fold the right end in half at the center of the thickest part to make the base of the bow. Lay the left end over the place the two ends crossed. Hold the bow base and the place that the two ends crossed with your left thumb and index finger. Fold the left end in half at the thickest part and tuck the folded crease behind the other bow base into the loop that was created by wrapping the left end around your thumb.


Adjust the bow by tugging the bows on either side of the knot. There are three layers of fabric that make up the bow. By pulling the ends, you can untie the tie. By pulling the loops you can lengthen the loops on either side of the bow while tightening the tie.