Dora the Explorer Party Ideas for a Two-Year-Old

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If your two-year-old loves Dora the Explorer, plan a Dora-themed party for her birthday. You don't need to plan any elaborate games or activities for a two-year-old's birthday party, but it is a good idea to have some simple ideas planned to keep the toddlers busy and having fun.

Star Treasure Hunt

Make some colored stars out of construction paper and hide them around the room where you are having the party. Invite the toddlers to hunt for stars the way Dora does, and give them each a bag or basket to put their stars in. Be sure to hide lots of stars and make them fairly visible so that everyone can find a few.

Music Makers

Provide a few quieter activities like crafts for the two-year-olds to do. Making and decorating musical shakers is an easy craft project for toddlers. To make the shakers, fold a paper plate in half and put a handful of dried beans or popcorn inside. Then staple the edges of the plate so that the beans (or popcorn) don't fall out. Make these before the party and provide crayons, markers and Dora stickers for the children to decorate them with. They can then play them while they are dancing, or even have a small parade around the house with their music makers.

Party Bags

Give the children white or brown lunch-sized paper bags and let them use markers, crayons and Dora stickers to decorate their own party bags. The bags can be used to collect the stars if you have a star hunt, or to put party favors or snacks in. You can also buy a Dora the Explorer pinata for the children to break open, and fill it with candy and small toys. The children can use their bags for their goodies from the pinata.

Pin the Tail

Instead of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, let the children play Pin the Tail on Boots. Hang up a poster-sized picture of Dora's friend Boots (minus his tail, of course). Then make a tail for each child and write the child's name on it. Let each child take a turn trying to put Boots' tail in the right spot while blindfolded.


Play some music and just let them have fun dancing. Play a Dora the Explorer music CD, some Spanish music or any fun children's music you have. Make a game out of it by stopping the music at intervals and having the kids freeze. Active toddlers will love listening to the music and dancing around.